May It Please the Court (2022)

May It Please the Court (2022)

Other name:Let's Start the Defense Let's Start the Argument Let Me Start My Argument Byeonroneul Sijakhakessseubnida

Director: Kang Min Gu

Country: South Korea

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama, Law, Mystery


Ace attorney at a big law firm, No Chak Hee, is willing to take any risk to win a case and is set to receive a promotion of a partner position but a problem occurs on a case she accepted. Because of the case, she gets suspended for a year. She then begin to start work as s a public defender but hopes to return to her position at the law firm where she worked previously. As a public defender, she shares an office with fellow public defender, Jwa Shi Baek, a top graduate from the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Instead of becoming a judge, prosecutor, or attorney at a big law firm, he chose to work as a public defender. He is enthusiastic with his work but also has a mysterious part of his personal life that nobody knows about. No Chak Hee and Jwa Shi Baek don't get along very well, but a serial murder case brought them together and as they try to solve the case together more secrets unfolds and they grow to trust each-other.
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